Leak Detection

D.U.D.S. specialises in providing water main and domestic leak detection services to homes and businesses across New South Wales.

Using state-of-the-art detection equipment – such as Sewerin SeCorr 300, Sewerin SeCorrPhon AC 06 Leak Detector, Sewerin SePem Noise Loggers and  SeCorrphon AC200 Leak Detection Kit – we will quickly and accurately locate the source of your water leak without damaging your property or commercial premises. D.U.D.S. uses correlators, ground microphones and gas insertion to detect leaks in relation to water mains, commercial and domestic water sevices. Our technology also enables us to detect the location of gas leaks.

We can detect leaks under:

We use the most advanced leak detection
equipment on the market!

Our SeCorrphon AC200 allows us to confidently locate the exact source of a leak, regardless of the ambient conditions. 

concrete radar

The SeCorrphon AC200 allows us to undertake professional leak detection as it can handle any everyday location scenario. It can effectively measure different pipe sections, pipe materials, diameters and pipe lengths.