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Service Location and Leak Detection

Trusted for more than 20 years

Professional and Honest Service. Every time.

D.U.D.S. Founder and Director Phil Pegler, has been offering his clients a friendly handshake and expert service for almost 40 years.

Phil learnt the trade from the ground-up and originally trained as a plumber. He quickly earned a reputation for his skill, honesty and reliability and built a successful business offering plumbing services.

Service location you can trust

In 1996, Phil established Down Under Detection Services, specialising in professional service location and leak detection. Phil was the first to use colour-coding on the surface to identify specific underground utility services, which is now an industry standard. 

His innovative and straightforward approach now extends to his team and he continues to earn wide respect from everyone who has the pleasure of working with him. 

Phil’s customers refer to him and his team as
“the best in the business”

Down Under Detection Services promises you peace of mind and guaranteed safety.

Phil has trained his staff to deliver a dependable and first-rate service. Today, he leads an expert team, covering the Sydney area as well as the Central and South Coastal regions.

We use the most advanced leak detection equipment on the market

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is one of our multifunctional leak detectors which combines three functions in one system: prelocation, pinpointing and correlation. This advanced machinery enables our team to confidently and quickly locate any leak, regardless of ambient conditions.

Once the pipeline data has been entered and the measurement begins, all other steps are performed with absolute accuracy.

D.U.D.S.’s commitment to using only the best technology will save you time and money when locating all types of problem water leaks.

Underground utilities

Down Under Detection Services has you covered

Water and Gas Leak Detection

Water pipe leak detection is undertaken using specialised Aquathon equipment, including the very latest SeCorrPhon AC 200. We also identify and locate gas leaks by using a flammable gas sniffer.

Electronic Pipe & Cable Location

Our electronic locating equipment is technologically advanced. It is capable of detecting water main and associated services, metallic gas services, Telstra cables and electrical services.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR uses electromagnetic wave propagation to image and identify changes in electrical and magnetic properties in the ground. We can locate metal and non-metalic services to a depth of six metres.       

Concrete Penetrating Radar 

Concrete Penetrating Radar, (also known as Concrete X-Ray), is a form of non-destructive testing that records features and objects within concrete structures. Our service takes the risk out of the construction process.

Utility Mapping

Using specialised underground utility equipment, we identify the position of public utility mains. This includes lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas and wastewater pipes.

Pot-Holing and Non-Destructive Digging

Our vacuum pot-holing equipment is the safest method of excavation and identifying underground assets, their size number of services and depths. Fully restoring the site after the job is part of our service.

"D.U.D.S. has been one of our preferred service locators for many years. Their accuracy, reliability, pragmatism and willingness to work with us on all types of geotechnical investigations have made them an exceptional service provider. We are consistently impressed with the care and efficient service we receive."
Andrew Jackaman, Director
JK Geotechnics

Our proven track record

From servicing residential clients to working on major infrastructure projects, Phil and his expert team respond quickly and get the job done. D.U.D.S. will always turn up on-time as promised. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the confidence to plan, design and manage their project with total assurance.

Our pricing is competitive and D.U.D.S. is a recognised market leader in the Water Main Roads, Civil and Service Location Industries.

Successfully completed projects include:

  • The Cross City Tunnel
  • The Windsor Road Upgrade
  • The Port Botany Redevelopment
  • Networks Alliance Water Main Renewal Project
  • Barangaroo Development
"Our Project Management group has worked with D.U.D.S. for more than 15 years. We will continue to engage them thanks to the exceptional service, professionalism and reliability provide by Phil and his team. They have a fabulous can-do attitude, for which we are extremely grateful."
Susan Ford
Ford Civil Contracting