Personalised and accurate service you can trust

Every member of our accredited team follows a strict process and detection formula to get the job done right. First time. Every time.

Down Under Detection Services provides the full range of service location and leak detection functions. We are renowned for our high success rate and clear checks and balances, based on years of experience in varying situations.

Leak Detection

Water and Gas Leak Detection

Water pipe leak detection is undertaken using specialised Aquathon equipment, including the very latest SeCorrPhon AC 200. We also identify and locate gas leaks by using a flammable gas sniffer.

Electronic Locations

Electronic Pipe & Cable Location

Our electronic locating equipment is the most technologically advanced available in the market place. It is capable of locating water main and water services, metallic gas services, Telstra cables and electrical services.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Groud Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR uses electromagnetic wave propagation to image and identify changes in electrical and magnetic properties in the ground. We can locate metal and non-metalic services to a depth of six metres.   

Concrete X-Ray

Concrete Penetrating Radar

Concrete Penetrating Radar, (also known as Concrete X-Ray), is a form of non-destructive testing that records features and objects within concrete structures. Our service takes the risk out of the construction process.

Utility Mapping

Utility Mapping

Using specialised underground utility equipment, we identify the position of public utility mains. This includes lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, water mains and wastewater pipes.

Non-Destructive Pot-Holing


Pot-holing and Non-Destructive Digging

Our vacuum pot-holing equipment is the safest method of excavation and identifying underground assets, their size number of services and depths. Fully restoring the site after the job is part of our service.

Accuracy you can count on

D.U.D.S. gives you peace of mind. Whether you are looking to locate existing underground utilities, pipes & cables, or want to plan the safe placement of new infrastructure, our team has the solution.

With every digging job, the stakes are high and there is no room for error. Before you break the ground, CALL Down Under Detection Services to investigate your site from every angle.

Put your trust in a reliable and experienced team and get it right. First time. Every time.


"We have developed a great partnership with Down Under Detection Services over the past several years and we enjoy working together. The team is professional, organised and easy communicators. Most importantly, they are always on time and deliver a job well done."
Eric Gerges, Principal Engineer
EI Australia